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remove surface mesh


Dear users,

I would like to use ovitos to perform DXA analysis without activating the surface mesh.
This is the Python script successfully used in the version 2.9:

--- Code: ---pipeline = import_file("../moving-avg.*.cstm.gz")
modifier = DislocationAnalysisModifier()
modifier.input_crystal_structure = DislocationAnalysisModifier.Lattice.BCC

--- End code ---
In the dev version 3.0 the latest line does not work:

--- Code: ---pipeline.get_vis(SurfaceMeshVis).enabled=False
--- End code ---

Could you let me know please how to disable SurfaceMeshVis in ver 3.0 dev?

Thank you in advance.

Alexander Stukowski:

The DislocationAnalysisModifier is currently not providing direct access to the visual element of the defect mesh. This is a mistake, which I am going to fix in the next development build of Ovito 3.0.

In the meantime, you can use the following workaround:

--- Code: ---defect_mesh = pipeline.compute().surfaces['dxa-defect-mesh']
defect_mesh.vis.enabled = False

--- End code ---



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