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« on: March 08, 2019, 05:58:05 AM »
Dear everyone,
I want to identify the twinning in the metal Cu,however when I use DXA to identify the defect, only different  atoms were shown,and I can see different dislocations ,i want to know how to use OVITO to find  twinning deformation? Is there any other  tools such as CAT OR grain segmentation algorithm (GSA) to find it? the defect mesh in DXA include twinning?Sincerely hope your reply.

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Alexander Stukowski

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Re: twinning
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Hi Wang,

DXA only identifies the dislocation lines themselves, but it cannot tell you where twinning took place in the crystal (which isn't strictly associated with the presence of dislocations). I would say the most natural way to identify twinning is to do a strain field analysis. In OVITO you can use the Atomic Strain modifier for this. In regions of the crystal that have undergone twinning, you should see a characteristic shear strain level. As an additional criterion, you could use the Common Neighbor Analysis to restrict the selection set to perfect FCC atoms (in order to exclude HCP-like stacking fault atoms, which may exhibit the same atomic shear strain values).