Author Topic: Add support for binary files from Blue Gene/Q compiled versions of LAMMPS  (Read 966 times)


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I'm running on one of the clusters Argonne has (MIRA) which is a IBM Blue Gene/Q machine. Binary files written with this compiled version of LAMMPS is not recognized by Ovito.

I haven't checked the format, but it could so simple that it has different lengths for int/long etc. It would be nice to be able to read such binary files!

Alexander Stukowski

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Yes, the binary LAMMPS dump format is generally hard to parse, because one needs to know the exact compile settings, code version and hardware platform LAMMPS was built on. All this information is not stored in the dump file and not available to OVITO. It has to guess it -something which is not guaranteed to work.

When I'm back from vacation (2-3 weeks from now), I will see if I can improve OVITO's heuristic for parsing binary dump files. For that I will need a sample file from you for analysis and testing. Hope you can provide one.

I am moving this discussion to the OVITO issue tracking system, which makes it easier to manage future changes to the source code in response to your request. Please post the sample file there, or send it to my email address directly, thanks.