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Ok. Emailing to the address found on your Google-Scholar page:

- Cody

Thanks! Yes, I spent around a day trying those steps...

I'm actually interested in compiling ANY version of OVITO compatible with Grain Segmentation. I would like to produce a redistributable to pass along to others as well, but getting Grain Segmentation working is my main priority. Which version of OVITO do you recommend?

Hi. I'm new to Ovito and am trying to compile on Mac Mojave. I and several coworkers have attempted to follow the instructions here:

[01] I successfully installed Xcode and MacPorts

[02] I successfully ran "sudo port install netcdf python35..."

[03] (likely problem) I first attempted to install Qt 5 though the tutorial's link. I selected the open-source option and then installed the dmg. However, the created "$HOME/Qt/" lacks the "5.7/clang_64/bin/qmake" mentioned later in the tutorial. Hence, I also tried installing Qt5 through Mac Ports (i.e., "sudo port install Qt5"). I had to run this command twice as the first one seemed to install Qt4. I still don't have the "qmake" mentioned above.

[04] Because I don't have "$HOME/Qt/5.7/clang_64/bin/qmake" as mentioned above, I installed PyQt5 though pip (i..e, sudo pip-3.5 install PyQt5) as mentioned in the link from the tutorial. It doesn't seem that PyQt5 is available on MacPorts.

[05] Likewise, I installed QScintilla through pip. I also installed through MacPorts. Neither way seems to yield the files I need later in the tutorial.

[06] I successfully installed Libav by navigating a browser to the provided URL and then running the remaining commands in this section of the tutorial.

[07] I also downloaded the version of Ovito I wanted (i.e., 2.7.1 as I want grain segmentation) from GitLab.

[08] I'm now stuck on the compiling Ovito step. First, it says to navigate to an empty build directory and then run the remaining commands. However, I get an error saying there is no cmakelist. Hence, I retried in the directory above (i.e., with that list). However, I still get a failure because I have none of the following listed in the tutorial:

Of course, I've tried locating these items elsewhere with no success. The compilation fails without them.

Any help is greatly appreciated :)
- Cody

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