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Support Forum / Jump to a specific frame
« on: July 22, 2019, 08:38:50 PM »

I try to run the following script. I want to compute a simple quantity in the last frame but for some reason ovito always calculats the first frame. Is there a way to jump to a specific frame?

Even if I put the output = pipeline.compute(1) after the import command I still get the same results.

I use the latest  version 3.0.0 den 419.

kind regards



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from ovito.modifiers import *
from ovito.pipeline import StaticSource, Pipeline
from import DataCollection, SimulationCell, Particles
from import import_file, export_file

pipeline = import_file("G:/Temp/cluster/tr3.gsd")

pipeline.modifiers.append(CreateBondsModifier(cutoff = 2.7))

modif2=ComputePropertyModifier(output_property = 'bl',expressions = ['BondLength'],operate_on="bonds")

modifier = HistogramModifier(bin_count=200, property='bl',operate_on="bonds")
output = pipeline.compute(1)

export_file(pipeline, "G:/Temp/cluster/bl4.txt", "txt/series", key="histogram[bl]")

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