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Hi. I'm new to Ovito and am trying to compile on Mac Mojave. I and several coworkers have attempted to follow the instructions here:

[01] I successfully installed Xcode and MacPorts

[02] I successfully ran "sudo port install netcdf python35..."

[03] (likely problem) I first attempted to install Qt 5 though the tutorial's link. I selected the open-source option and then installed the dmg. However, the created "$HOME/Qt/" lacks the "5.7/clang_64/bin/qmake" mentioned later in the tutorial. Hence, I also tried installing Qt5 through Mac Ports (i.e., "sudo port install Qt5"). I had to run this command twice as the first one seemed to install Qt4. I still don't have the "qmake" mentioned above.

[04] Because I don't have "$HOME/Qt/5.7/clang_64/bin/qmake" as mentioned above, I installed PyQt5 though pip (i..e, sudo pip-3.5 install PyQt5) as mentioned in the link from the tutorial. It doesn't seem that PyQt5 is available on MacPorts.

[05] Likewise, I installed QScintilla through pip. I also installed through MacPorts. Neither way seems to yield the files I need later in the tutorial.

[06] I successfully installed Libav by navigating a browser to the provided URL and then running the remaining commands in this section of the tutorial.

[07] I also downloaded the version of Ovito I wanted (i.e., 2.7.1 as I want grain segmentation) from GitLab.

[08] I'm now stuck on the compiling Ovito step. First, it says to navigate to an empty build directory and then run the remaining commands. However, I get an error saying there is no cmakelist. Hence, I retried in the directory above (i.e., with that list). However, I still get a failure because I have none of the following listed in the tutorial:

Of course, I've tried locating these items elsewhere with no success. The compilation fails without them.

Any help is greatly appreciated :)
- Cody

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